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Systems (CCTV) 


Excerpts taken from class evaluations from the last few classes

(The first number is years in low voltage, the second is years in CCTV)

What is the most valuable thing you learned?
That there is much more to setting up a camera system than what I have been doing. 13/9  
Proper focus for exterior day/night cameras, use of compression connectors. 15/6   
DVR Networking, IP, new technology. 15/15
About IP cameras. equipment and settings. 30/30
The things that I was not doing correctly, not necessarily wrong. 10/10
Properly adjusting lenses, types of lenses, learning about different tools. 3/3     
How important my craft is and that video is something that is always evolving, to keep striving to get better in all aspects of CCTV.  5/5     
I learned several tricks of the trade. There were many things to help me be a better worker for my company. 20/10  
Proper focusing techniques. First time ever given definitive steps to focus.  30/2   
Focusing & DDNS options regarding remote view.  This will save me and my clients time and money!!! 10/6   
Did the course meet your expectations?
Yes & more. This course got my attention, wanting to learn more & more. I’ve been to many seminars, but this was the one that impressed the most. 30/1  
Exceeded - far more practical application than I expected.  15/6  
Exceeded - glad to see the class fully covered only CCTV.  10/6   
It exceeded all of my expectations.  30/30
Too much time was spent on what?
Good  balance - a lot of time was spent on networking, but I thought it had good value and application.  Overall, very balanced, entertaining & practical with a lot of props.  13/6
What did you like the most?
Hand’s on.  Connector’s. Instructor’s knowledge.  13/13
Good power point & reference material  15/15
I thought the entire course was very beneficial to me.  10/10
The way he (instructor) went about how technology came from the past to the present and future.  2/2